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Planning of activities for 2014

In 2014 EUCIS-LLL will hold its General Assembly and Annual Conference in Zagreb focused on Erasmus+ in June, a policy debate on the digital agenda in March and many other activities. We will continue our validation task force and our Europe 2020 working group. Key priorities for us will be the implementation of Erasmus+, European elections and validation of non-formal and informal learning but also the funding of education, wider benefits of learning, transversal competences and civil dialogue. We enter the 2nd year of the CB4LLP project that aims to develop capacity building for writing successful projects. Furthermore we are starting a new project the “LLL-Hub” that aims to set up stakeholders’ forums at national level in pilot countries. This will strengthen our work by creating new connections at the national level and with national authorities. Let’s hope Erasmus+ will give us new opportunities to cooperate and develop joint initiatives.