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New reaction: Council of Europe Education Strategy 2024-2030

Learners’ first: Education for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Democratic Societies” is title of the ambitious Education Strategy 2024-2030 of the Council of Europe (CoE), covering the next seven years of policy objectives. The Strategy was adopted on 29 September, during the 26th Conference of Ministers organised under the motto ‘The Transformative Power of Education: Universal Values and Civic Renewal’; this programmatic document marks a welcome evolution in the works of the CoE Steering Committee for Education (CDEDU), as it is the first Education Strategy adopted by the Council of Europe. 

LLLP welcomes the vision underpinned by the Strategy, which recognises education and lifelong learning as essential for democratic and resilient societies and as an empowering means for individuals to develop personally and professionally while engaging meaningfully with society.

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