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New publication – Erasmus+ implementation survey results

The LLLPlatform runs an annual review of the Erasmus+ programme implementation amid beneficiaries and civil society organisations. Curious to know what beneficiaries of Erasmus+ think of the programme?

Following the success of the Erasmus+ implementation surveys from previous years, the Lifelong Learning Platform ran its 2019 Erasmus+ Implementation Survey from 6 September to 14 November 2019. In the same lines as last year’s survey, only European level organisations were targeted and a total of 40 responses were collected. By targeting European networks exclusively the consultation aimed to gain views from stakeholders with a high-level of expertise and representing a large number of beneficiaries across the EU and at different levels (local, regional, national), as the vast majority of them have 5 or more years of experience working with Erasmus+ and its predecessor, the Lifelong Learning Programme.

Thus, the Lifelong Learning Platform seeks to provide decision-makers with an evaluation – from the direct experience of beneficiary representatives – on what is working well, what could be improved and what is lacking in the current programme, and thereby provide reflections that can be useful for the successor Erasmus+ programme.

Here are some key findings.

While there have been some key improvements, still a lot needs to be done to make the Erasmus+ an includive programme. The new cycle will perhaps be the much shough-after opportunity to rethink the programme and make access to it surely universal.

Read the report with the results