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New! Joint contribution on the Future of Erasmus+

This paper outlines the vision of the Erasmus+ Coalition on the future generation of the Erasmus+ programme based on its current implementation and potential areas for improvement. The Erasmus+ Coalition, set up in 2015 by the Lifelong Learning Platform and European Youth Forum, is an informal alliance of civil society organisations with extensive experience in working with Erasmus+ and previous generations of the programme. Both organisations coordinate dialogue between the EU institutions and civil society organisations across Europe representing all categories of programme beneficiaries. We meet regularly to discuss issues of common concern in the programme implementation and to formulate common recommendations.

As negotiations are now beginning on the Erasmus+ successor, it is a timely opportunity to update our 2016 position with a view to providing decision makers with concrete solutions on how to improve the programme implementation for its beneficiaries and ensure that it remains the flagship programme of the EU for education, training, mobility and youth.

Here are the main points to be aware of:

  1. Accessibility and social inclusion
  2. Cross-sector and lifelong learning approach
  3. European added value and decentralisation
  4. Coordination and consistency between NAs
  5. Simplification
  6. Quality information and user-friendly programme
  7. Quality evaluation and feedback
  8. Policy support actions and civil society cooperation

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