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Multi Partnership cooperation in Lifelong Career Guidance: Sharing Good Practice and Transnational Debate

The Lifelong Learning Platform is a partner in the project “Keep In Pact” coordinated by our member Cités des métiers International Network. After one successful year of cooperation and implementation, the project partners organise an online transnational debate on December 4th, at the 2020 edition of the LLLWeek.


Keep In Pact project ( arose from the observation that in recent years, regional, national and European policies have stressed out the crucial need to increase cooperation and synergy between stakeholders in the fields of education, training, employment and entrepreneurship, in order to deliver better services in lifelong guidance. Therefore, this project funded by Erasmus+ Programme aims to up-skill the “multi-partnership management” function in lifelong career guidance centres and develop an innovative ecosystem approach of multi-partnership involving public and private organisations and professionals. The project gathers 6 partners from 5 different countries across Europe: Croatia, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, France.


Since the beginning of the project, the partners have been working on several intellectual productions about multi-partnership management in lifelong career guidance. The aim of the event is firstly to share and inform a variety of stakeholders across Europe about the first results and outputs of the project.  It also aims to promote the culture of multi-partnership cooperation within organisations in the fields of education, training and employment. Thirdly, the event aims to allow the stakeholders attending the event to discuss and share further insights on current and future issues, challenges and innovative practices regarding multi-partnership management in lifelong Career Guidance in Europe. The event will be held online. 

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