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MFF negotiations: the Commission answers EUCIS-LLL

Alongside the monitoring of the sectorial negotiations for the new Erasmus for all/YES Europe programme, EUCIS-LLL has been following up on the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) talks, notably within the budget working group of the Civil Society Contact Group (CSCG). After the EU Summit of February that has led to severe cuts within the different budget headings, EUCIS-LLL sent on 20 March a letter to the DG Financial Programming and Budget to defend as much as possible the initial 70% increase proposed by DG Education and Culture for the new programme. You can find here DG BUDGET’s response from 25 March; in this letter the Commission renews its commitment for a continuous investment in human capital and its will to “avoid further delays and make sure that programmes will be operational as early as possible in 2014“.