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Members Spotlight: SIRIUS Policy Network on Migrant Education

SIRIUS Policy Network on Migrant Education brings together key stakeholders in the migrant education field from around Europe, including policy makers, researchers, practitioners, migrants and refugees. SIRIUS has several key activities including co-creating knowledge, pursuing national and EU level advocacy change, peer learning and setting standards for quality inclusive migrant education.

SIRIUS is part of the KIDS4ALLL project led by the University of Turin. We also work on the ENABLE and SUN projects, all providing tools and support to educators who support migrant and refugee education in the EU and beyond. SIRIUS produces the Watch Publication which takes a snapshot of the policies which impact many areas of migrant education and we have launched the ‘Illuminating the Pathways’ series, which will help us see how to get from best practice to policy change. SIRIUS runs the Anti-racism in Education Working Group with ENAR and has been working on a communications campaign to highlight the needs of Higher Ed students of African origin fleeing Ukraine.

SIRIUS pursues deep advocacy work in national and local contexts and has developed our own advocacy course for our members and an EU policy linking tool.

Above all that, SIRIUS is a family of people that believe that eye to eye level co-creation and inclusive processes are what will make inclusive education systems. Here’s what our members say:

“This a great practice of sharing! Feels like ubuntu”

“I know you do your best to offer huge opportunities to SIRIUS partners. I hope we can do our best !”

“Thank you so much for your time and support. We love your feedback and innovative ways of working…”

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