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Meeting of Ministers of Education: Citizenship education in the digital era

The Lifelong Learning Platform attended the high-level Meeting of Ministers of Education of the States Parties to the European Cultural Convention, organised under the French Presidency of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. The meeting took place to address the theme “Citizenship education in the digital era”, at the Maison de la Chimie in Paris.

LLLP was represented by its President Luis Costa, who addressed the Ministers and highlighted the importance of a lifelong learning approach to both citizenship education and the manner in which we address the digital world. The meeting came indeed at a timely moment, as European agendas for education are exploring both digital innovation and a renewed approach to citizenship education. 

Ministers appreciated the great work that LLLP carries out in the field of media literacy, digital learning, and the advocacy that it does vis-à-vis policy-makers. A permanent reflexion in Europe (and beyond) is topical nowadays, and LLLP is leading the way among civil society organisations with a working group on digital learning and a position paper that remains a pillar in the future discussions. The Lifelong Learning Platform endorsed the idea of an observatory for digital citizenship education, as – in the words of our President Luis Costa – helps the “promotion of democracy through education”. 

The meeting also decided to approve the proposal for an “Observatory for history teaching in Europe, HOPE (History Observatory for Peace in Europe)”. History teaching plays a key role in promoting European democratic values.

European societies know the difference between democratic systems and authoritarian regimes. They have all lived both and Europe should recognise with adequate policy instruments that education and lifelong learning remain vital for the preservation of our democracies.