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LLLP’s contribution for the Digital Education Action Plan

The Lifelong Learning Platform contributed top the public consultation on the Digital Education Action Plan. The consultation gathered the views of citizens, institutions and organisations on their experiences and expectations during the COVID-19 crisis (both to date and during the recovery period), as well as their visions for the future of digital education.

In LLLP’s vision of education and training, digital education and media literacy play a crucial role, all the more in times of pandemic isolation. To this extent, the timeframe to prepare for true blended learning is very short given the adaptation required for all. While integrating new innovative practices and tools to make such blended learning available, there should be adequate teacher and staff training provision for the usage of such tools.

Not all education and training institutions and learners are on equal footing regarding digital education. This assumption, together with the learning crisis during the pandemic, made two things very clear: first, the crucial importance of social inclusion to help disadvantaged learners take part in online learning (access, resources…); secondly, the importance of investing in education to provide E&T institutions and the wider education community (eg non-formal organisations such as NGOs) resources, structures, infrastructures to digitalise their learning offer and to be inclusive. The mental health of the learners should be the first priority. Another important vis-à-vis the DEAP is to render measures age-appropriate and to limit screen time.

The DEAP provides a very timely and action-oriented framework for the digital (r)evolution of Europe. However, it must be stressed that it should unequivocally address and provide for all learners, making sure that no one gets left behind.