Lifelong Learning Platform | LLLP - European Civil Society for Education

LLLP at the Thematic Cluster of the Civil Society Convention on the Future of Europe

As a member of the Civil Society Convention on the Conference on the Future of Europe, the Lifelong Learning Platform participates in thematic clusters. These clusters seek to ensure that common positions are achieved amid civil society organisations and then brought to the attention of the Conference.

Such was the case on July 7th, when LLLP took part in the workshop cluster on education and culture. In our eyes, the main effort was to ensure that a lifelong learning approach is taken into account with regards to education; under our thrust, and in symbiosis with other participants, LLLP maintains that the following three topics are proposed to the citizens panels:

  1. What role and objectives for education?
  2. How do we deal with Europe’s troubled historical past?
  3. How can we expand mobility in education and culture?

Among the most pressing issues, the following LLLP’s priorities have been recognised as top-flight issues to be addressed by the Conference Citizens’ Panels:

  • Citizenship education
  • Education mobility
  • Access to quality education
  • Skills and media literacy
  • Non-formal education and validation