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LLLP Reaction to Individual Learning Accounts and Microcredentials – A first step to learning entitlements?

The European Union has put forward some serious ambitions in the field of education and training, particularly with regard to upskilling and reskilling the European adult population for the Twin Transitions, aiming to achieve a target of 60% of adults in education or training by 2030 (European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan). Two major tools are being proposed to achieve this endeavour: individual learning accounts,  and micro-credentials. Following a two year process of consultations with experts, stakeholders and Member States, on 10 December the European Commission published its Proposals for Council Recommendations on Individual Learning Accounts and for a European Approach to Micro-credentials. 

The Lifelong Learning Platform – European Civil Society for Education – welcomes the European ambition to foster lifelong learning through these two new initiatives that can pave the way to broadening access to learning opportunities for all. The synergies between the two proposals are numerous and promising, however, these will depend on their implementation at national and institutional level. 

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