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LLLP Reaction – The European Education Package

On September 30th, the European Commission unveiled its plans for three long-awaited strategic proposals: the Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027), the European Research Area, and the European Education Area to be achieved by 2025. The communications outline a number of actions for the next five years. The Lifelong Learning Platform welcomes the new wide-ranging vision for European education and training as an acknowledgement of the key role it plays to Europe’s social and sustainable future. We also welcome the historic moment where linking research and education is becoming a reality.

The announced Education Package is not new to many, the European Education Area was first announced in the meeting of EU leaders at the Gothenburg Social Summit in November 2017 as a step forward for EU-level cooperation in the field of education and training that would contribute to a greater social Europe. Following the Social Summit, a set of measures were launched in the Communication in May 2018 “Building a stronger Europe: the role of youth, education and culture policies” in reaction to which LLLP put forward a number of recommendations. In this reaction, LLLP puts forward a number of recommendations to support further development of the European Education Area and highlights a number of aspects that require further effort for achieving its holistic vision.

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