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LLLP Reaction – ET2020 Monitor

The Lifelong Learning Platform – European civil society network for education – welcomes the 2020 Education and Training Monitor, launched by Commissioner Gabriel on 12 November 2020 at the DigiEduHack conference. Expectedly, this year’s edition focuses on digital education and digital competence, also addressing the impacts of the Covid-19 crisis on education and training. 

The focus of the introductory chapter is on the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on education and training, namely distance learning, for which the Commission expresses concerns surrounding the uneven access, quality and wellbeing. The report elaborates on how the pandemic has shown us the importance of stepping up the readiness of digital education, preparing teachers and supporting pupils who contrary to popular belief are not digitally native. It also highlights that Member States which adapted better to the crisis, managed to do so because of investments in comprehensive digital education policies covering a broad range of aspects, from devices and infrastructure to skills development and pedagogical content. 

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