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LLLP launches its annual theme 2021

The Lifelong Learning Platform addresses forward-looking issues in the field of education and training on an annual basis. This year’s theme will be explored during different events and meetings at the crossroads between the Portuguese and Slovenian Presidencies of the Council of the EU, thus helping the transition and bridging with the outcomes of the Future of Europe Conference led by the French Presidency. The 2021 Annual Theme is on wellbeing in education and assessment methods – we will explore how the two relate to each other and propose innovative learner-centred approaches to the issue.

The changing nature of evaluation in education and its impact on learners’ wellbeing

Rethinking learning outcomes: from assessment to wellbeing

The theme will show all the facets through which LLLP seeks to tackle the topic. It will engage in discussing the essence of wellbeing, and linking it to the much-needed debate on the future of evaluation and/or assessment of knowledge and competences, and taking stock of education’s contribution to societal challenges.

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