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LLLP joins UNESCO’s Global Coalition for Education

The Lifelong Learning Platform is delighted to announce that it has joined UNESCO’s efforts as a member of the Global Education Coalition (GEC). This coalition brings together different stakeholders to foster best practices in education in the COVID-19 context. 

In fact, the pandemic has reshaped our societies and educaiton in particular. School closures widen learning inequalities and hurt vulnerable children and youth disproportionately. More than 1.5 billion students and youth across the planet are or have been affected by school and university closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. LLLP strives to higlight the increasing disparities that accompany the sanitary crisis, and for us it is only natural to lend our voice to international efforts and try to reduce this divide. In our fight to ensure unversal access to quality education, we are one; even in times of pandemic.

The Global Education Coalition launched by UNESCO is a platform for collaboration and exchange to protect the right to education during this unprecedented disruption and beyond. It brings together more than 140 members from the UN family, civil society, academia and the private sector to ensure that #LearningNeverStops.

Coalition members rally around three flagships, namely connectivityteachers and ​gender, as well as support specific causes including the educational recovery following the deadly explosion in Beirut.

No one can foresee how education will be reshaped after the pandemic, but we can team up, share efforts and ownership in exploring, embracing and critically developing its upcoming priorities.