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LLLP General Assembly: important decisions, a new member and a new President!

On June 21st, LLLP members gathered in Brussels from all corners of Europe: a joyful occasion to discuss important issues within the LLLPlatform and to give a most sought-after input to LLLP daily work. Most of the membership was present, and the agenda made room for some important debates and consequent decisions. 

The GA discussed first and foremost the membership satisfaction vis-à-vis the work of the Secretariat. There was a general agreement on the extraordinary quality of the work done: comments covered policy and advocacy, and moved on to touch upon other areas, like projects, networks and communication. Members agreed on the need to strengthen capacity-building activities, introducing web streaming for certain activities to ensure better participation of non-Brussels based members and increasing the number of training courses for the members that are not accustomed to Brussels dynamics. The political direction of the organisation was also discussed ahead of the new Parliament and European Commission. 

One of the greatest transformations (after the Extra GA that took place in March) was the adoption of a new Glossary that clarifies the sectors represented in LLLP. This new formulation will help systematise the work of LLLP in a more harmonious and effective way, and will also help build closer synergies between members as well as serve as a basis for future developments. 

The General Assembly was also a moment where the LLLP family welcomed a new member: EMDR Europe (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is now officially an associate member! This is an important step that the LLLPlatform decided to take in order to broaden its horizons and encompass the area of mental health and continuous learning in the field of medicine. 

Another member, the Learning For Well-Being Foundation stepped up their membership status to full member! We are happy to announce that the LLLPlatform now counts a total of 42 members (28 full members and 14 associate members) and we all look forward to working together to shape the future of education in Europe!

LLLP elected four new members to the Steering Committee (three rotation seats and one extra as Laurentiu Bunescu from All Digital stepped down following its future professional developments). The membership has elected Susana Oliveira (EAEA), Oonagh Aitken (Volonteurope), Jean-Marie Dujardin (EUCEN, re-elected) and Arja Krauchenberg (EPA, for the vacant two-year seat). A warm and sincere thank you to all outgoing Steering Committee members – Gina Ebner, Valentina Pomatto and Laurentiu Bunescu – for their energy, their commitment and their enthusiasm in carrying out their duties! 

Freek Dhooghe (EMDR Europe) with the outgoing President Gina Ebner and the new President, Luis Costa

With the mandate of Gina Ebner coming to an end, LLLP was left in need for a new President: membership unanimously approved Luis Costa (EfVET) as new LLLP President! Serving as LLLP Treasurer for the past 5 years, Luis has matured a consistent experience of LLLP highest body, and has shown great commitment to the LLLP cause. 

A new year opens up for the LLLPlatform, and we are proud to say that LLLP steps into it with a strong membership, a clear pathway and the usual ambition to shape the future of education in Europe.