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LLLP General Assembly: a new President and new Steering Committee members!

On September 25th, LLLP members gathered online from all corners of Europe to participate in the 2020 General Assembly of the Lifelong Learning Platform: a joyful occasion to discuss important issues within the LLLPlatform and to give a most sought-after input to LLLP daily work. Most of the membership was present, and the agenda made room for some important debates and consequent decisions, mainly on the COVID and post-COVID activities.

The membership contributed to steering LLLP’s activities and helped craft a new pathway in these difficult times. Valuable inputs identified the main challenges for LLLP but also creative and efficient solutions for the months to come. 

The GA was also a moment to recognise the importance of a full membership in LLLP. Because of this, we are happy to announce that the European Federation for Intercultural Learning (EFIL) is now a full member of the family!

LLLP elected four new members to the Steering Committee! The membership has confirmed Giuseppina Tucci (OBESSU, reelected), Jonathan Harding (EfVET), Martina Darmanin (ESU) and Monica Verzola (EVTA). A warm and sincere thank you to all outgoing Steering Committee members – Luis Costa, outgoing President, but also Lucie Susova, Jean-Marie Dujardin and Joanna Pankowska – for their energy, their commitment and their enthusiasm in carrying out their duties! 

With the mandate of Luis Costa coming to an end, LLLP was left in need for a new President: the membership approved Arja Krauchenberg (EPA) as the new LLLP President! Serving in the Steering Committee for the past year, Arja has matured a consistent experience of LLLP highest body, and has shown great commitment to the LLLP cause. Arja has a long and varied experience in EU decision-making in the fields of education and training mostly in her capacity as European Parents’ Association representative, first as an elected President and now as Project Coordinator. 

The afternoon session saw members debate the next years in LLLP’s advocacy. We discussed the next strategy, the engagement with decision-makers and the key priorities for the LLLPlatform. Stay tuned to learn more about LLLP priorities: from investment to education, to lifelong learning for all, to digital learning in the context of the pandemic and to inclusive education. 

A new year opens up for the LLLPlatform, and we are proud to say that LLLP steps into it with a strong membership, a clear pathway and the usual ambition to shape the future of education in Europe.