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LLLP – Civil Society Days 22 Workshop – Joint Recommendations

Recommendations of Worksop 1: Upskilling Opportuntinites for All

The Civil Society Days 2022 brought together citizens, civil society organisations and European institutions to debate and address the challenge of ensuring shared prosperity.

LLLP, alongside FEANI and EVBB, put together a workshop titled ‘Upskilling opportunities for all‘ where we considered the idea of upskilling within the context of improving equity across the EU.

It was our task to tease apart how upskilling can correspond with achieving greater equity both in terms of employment related indicators and those of social concern.

This workshop conceived the following recommendations:

  1. “Individuals should have full ownership of their education rights in the skills revolution ensuring universal, yet tailored access to LLL for all. This includes making use of preferential channels like civil society organisations and education providers to reach out to the most in need and to support a Europe with shared prosperity.” (LLL Platform)
  2. “As training providers, we recommend to have a stronger focus on the recognition of the skills and abilities of third country nationals and to enrich our societies by       better  using their full potentials.” (EVBB)
  3. “Engineers transform the world in a world with sustainability challenges. Competences are necessary for engineers to be able to overcome these challenges effectively. We need to train active engineers urgently. GreenComp (Sustainability Competence Framework) is the beacon to guide to upskill and reskill engineers with proper Continuing Professional Development.” (FEANI)