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LLLP at the 6th World Forum on Lifelong Learning

The 6th World Forum on Lifelong Learning took place on 1-2 July in a hybrid format, both in Brussels and online. Organised by the World Committee for Lifelong Learning, LLLP’s longstanding partner, and under the patronage of both UNESCO and the European Commission, it sought to address the challenges related to making lifelong learning a tool for personal and professional development in the new global context.

The Forum drew on the expertise of outstanding experts and speakers to formulate 42 recommendations to policy-makers, tackling some important headlines:

  • The future(s) of education
  • The role of the EU in lifelong learning
  • The role of lifelong learning in migration
  • A changing economy
  • Gender equality
  • Towards a learning society
  • ¬†Soft skills: a miracle solution?
  • The promotion of health

As a recognised partner, LLLP extensively contributed both to the event itself and to the liaison with the European Union institutions. In fact, and through the organisation of a workshop with EU officials and representatives of civil society organisations in Europe, LLLP managed to put forward its unique holistic approach to lifelong learning, and the need for a constant dialogue with the institution to mainstream these values into our socieites.

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