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LLL-HUB Key Outcomes Published!

The Lifelong Learning Hub (LLL-HUB) project which brings together ten partners from eight European countries representing public authorities, civil society organisations, chambers of commerce and educational institutions came to an end in May this year. The  project aimed at fostering shared meaning about lifelong learning across Europe by encouraging cross-sectorial cooperation and dialogue about the European agenda at national and regional level. Key project results are a Comparative Report on the implementation of Lifelong Learning in Europe compiled by the LLLPlatform which includes a set of policy recommendations to policy makers and which is based on theNational/Regional States of Play from 7 partner countries. The LLLPlatform also produced an EU Handbook and Glossary which guided the partners through the initial research phase of the project and which has been recently updated. Methodological Guidelines on the implementation of the LLL-HUB Methodology have been produced in order sum up the project methodology and invite other countries and regions to join the LLL-HUB by implementing what has proven a very successful three-step approach. For more information visit the LLL-Hub or contact the LLLPlatform.