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Lifelong Learning Platform calls for solidarity among the education community and peaceful resolution in the Russia-Ukraine conflict

The ensuing conflict and turmoil that has swept across the country over the past weeks has sent shockwaves across Europe, imposing a degree of fear, worry and uncertainty on the innocent citizens. 

From each corner of Europe, the voice of civil society organisations have been calling for peace, solidarity and a swift resolution that prioritizes civilian lives first. The Lifelong Learning Platform and its members fully unite with this effort, calling on the entirety of the education and training community to actively engage with both advocating for an abrupt end to the violence as well as reaching out the hands of solidarity, support and understanding wherever possible and whenever needed. 

It is our unwavering position that the education community must commit to this plight as a matter of preserving the values of education as an emancipatory force. The range of this support varies from advocating for accessible educational corridors, to financial aid, to stamping out and working against both misinformation and disinformation at every turn. At a time when the principles of solidarity, democracy and mutual respect are under severe strain, LLLP reiterates the crucial role that the education community can provide in upholding and safeguarding these principles in terms of both rhetoric and action. We call for more peace education and no military efforts for this and any conflict to be solved today and in the future. 

#WeStand4Peace #StopViolence #PeaceEducation