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The Lifelong Learning Annual Conference 2017 “Education in a Digital World”

The Lifelong Learning Annual Conference was held on May 31 and June 1 in Tallinn, Estonia. The event focused on the innovations that the digital world has brought to education, and whether these are contributing (or not) to reducing inequalities all over Europe.

The Conference took at the crossroads between the Maltese and Estonian Presidencies of the Council of the EU. Because Malta’s main axis of reflection during its Presidency is Inclusive education and Estonia will focus on Digital Education, the LLLPlatform hopes that the topic chosen will serve each one’s purposes, smoothly linking them together. What’s more, this topic also reflects the European Union Agenda, namely the launch of the Digital Skills for Jobs Coalition under the New Skills Agenda for Europe adopted in 2016.


On the first day, participants gathered at the Teachers’ House in Old Town Tallinn, to seize a piece of history in the main squadre of the city centre. Here interventions from the Maltese and the Estonian representations gave guests and intriguing overview of the respective programmes with the regards to the EU Council Presidencies. The keynote speech from Dr Mart Laanpere managed to capture everyone’s attention on how technology can serve educational systems. A cocktail reception ended the afternoon.


On the next day, participants visited Tallinn University. Keynote speeches were given by EU officials, fostering the understanding of EU actions on the main topics of discussion. When the break-out sessions started, everyone could choose an interactive, dynamic way of learning about the core question of the conference “is digitalisation of education reducing inequalities?”.

Next to the Digital Fair, the Digital FishBowl was possibly the most interesting and surprising part of the whole event. The active participation of all guests came as fuel to the debate, when different perspectives lifted the discussion to a comprehensive new level.

The Annual Conference was a rewarding moment where we all had the chance to share common points of view and learn from new perspectives. We lived many profitable and joyful moments, so please find here all the photos from those two days, as well as all the presentations of the speakers and the inspiring video from Professor Policastro

The LLLP Team would like to warmly thank all participants for coming to our Annual Conference, for their unmatchable interest in our activities and for the wholehearted commitment to the values of the Platform.