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Learn about what you learn as a volunteer in time of crisis

In these times many people want to help. And there is a lot to do!

Despite the challenge, millions of volunteers across the EU show a lot of initiative, creativity and resourcefulness in finding solutions to support others.

Are you currently volunteering? 

Then let this voluntary commitment be recognised by assessing your competences!


With us you can validate (identify, document, assess and certify) these new competences for free! You may even earn a digital badge like this one:

Your volunteer activities make a relevant contribution to your personal development. You acquire a whole range of life skills which you may be able to use in the labour market at a later stage. No matter if you, for example, chat on the phone with senior citizens, give digital tutoring or build up a help network in your neighbourhood, you will always gain important experience and develop social, personal and organisational skills.

For further information or to express your interest, please fill in this Google form and we will be in touch very shortly.

This initiative is part of the European project Job Bridge. The Lifelong Learning Platform is a partner in this project.