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LEAD! – transnational partner meeting & summer training camp in Policoro (Italy)

The project Specific Learning Disorder no more ! (LEAD) focused on Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD) from age 9 to 14 has just ended its transnational partner meeting & summer training camp in Policoro (Italy).  

During these three days, the project partners ENFOR (Italy-lead partner), LLLP (Belgium), ISJI (Romania), Universidad Valladolid (Spain), had the opportunity to discuss and analyse the project progress and results from the “Pilot Tests. The MySkills Platform was also presented, as well as the didactic-educational path of the acquisition of skills explained step by step. At the end of the learning path, students will be awarded the European Adapting Tool Licence which will support them to acquire the necessary learning competences.

25 educators, social workers, teachers, tutors, trainers and school representatives from the 4 countries participating in the project took part in the 3-day training held in Policoro, Italy.

The participants got to know better the Specific Learning Difficulties (dysorthography, dysgraphia, dyslexia, dyscalculia), related compensatory tools and innovative pedagogies for inclusion in schools through a blended approach.

Among the results the partners gathered during the piloting phase, it was demonstrated that children with SLD are more likely to reach their goals at a rhythm comparable to their classmates if they are supported by compensatory tools. 

Family support is also very important for the learning outcomes of children with SLD. The involvement of the entire classroom and families is essential to encourage the self-esteem required to achieve full autonomy for the student.

The Challenge Jam, presented during the training, reflects the challenge of the students with themselves. 

The IC2 POLICORO (MT) hosted the training in its premises and the school leader, Prof. Maria Carmela Stigliano, together with her team, valorised the work carried out by all the partners and emphasised the commitment of the teachers involved.

The partner meeting was also an opportunity to assess the progress of the project and to define the next steps: the upcoming dissemination events and the final international conference which will take place on 9 November 2022 in Brussels. SAVE THE DATE!

The IC2 POLICORO (MT) warmly thank all the participants for their commitment and cooperation.