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LEAD! Project: MYSKILLS platform is online!

In 2017, there were around 35.67 million students with specific learning difficulties across the EU: 13.88 and 21.7 million in primary and secondary school respectively (EPALE, 2017). For this group, the rate of early school leaving is stark: 1 out of 4 students equates to 25%; a considerable leap from the general early school leaving rate which stands at just under 10%  (Eurostat, 2018). 

The LEAD! Project aims to identify and overcome the barriers that such students (aged 9-14) encounter at school with an eye on mitigating early school leaving and ultimately work towards achieving early school leaving targets as set out in the EU 2030 strategic framework. A figure that stands at 9% (Eurostat 2022). 

Empowerment forms a key focus of the project. The aim being to equip students with learning difficulties with the right competencies to succeed and reach their potential at school. This requires a concerted effort that considers not only students but also teachers, headmasters, tutors and trainers and all the school staff involved in supporting these students, as well as their families, to give young people and adults involved in their education the tools to better understand the difficulties they experience at school, and how to overcome them.

The main outcome of the project is the digital platform MY SKILLS that offers both online and offline learning paths (blended learning). The platform hosts training material for students, teachers and trainers, a sharing space for users (Community), and a Help Desk for schools, families, pupils (in the following languages: English, Italian, French, Romanian and Spanish). After the end of the project, the Help Desk service will be available only in Italian and English.

The platform is accessible to all students with SLD as well as their families and teachers interested in expanding their knowledge on the topic.

The platform will be presented to the public in early November, during the International Conference on Specific Learning Difficulties which will be held the 9th November in Brussels – The event starts at 3pm and ends at 5:30pm, will be preceded by a welcome coffee and followed by a networking reception.

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