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ICC Annual Conference ‘Languages, Education, Training and the World of Work’ // Istanbul, 24-26 April 2015

iccThe International Language Association (ICC) conference will bring together players from the fields of education and training in the public and private sector, encouraging dialogue between different sectors of education, professions, business and industry. The Conference aims to provide a platform for researchers, management and teaching staff to enable them to exchange knowledge and good practices and to benefit from each other’s expertise. Apart from keynote speakers – experts in this area of European policies, the Turkish response to the challenges will be presented by Turkish experts and the “consumers” of the educational/training products (large corporations, small and medium sized companies). Ample opportunities for dialogue between educators in general, vocational as well as tertiary education, on the one hand, and representatives of business and industry on the other will be provided. Deadline for paper submission for the Conference is 2 February.