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Highlights from the LLLP General Assembly 2022

Another Lifelong Learning Platform General Assembly has come to an end. Here is a few highlights to catch up on.

The Lifelong Learning Platforms’ General Assembly (GA) took place on Friday 17 of June in Brussels (Mundo-Madou, Av. des Arts 7/8), Belgium. 

By bringing together a large sum of membership representatives, the GA provided a unique opportunity in which members, the Steering Committee and the Secretariat could meet to collectively take stock of the general direction and priorities of the organisation, as well as elect three new steering committee members. All of this, for the most part, occurred face-to-face; a much welcomed feature of this year’s meeting.

A key aspiration for LLLP is to ensure that we represent and reflect the interests of our membership and voice their concerns, hopes and aspirations throughout our work. To acknowledge this aspiration, the GA was structured to allow ample room for input and reflection on how we engage with members across activities including: the LLLWeek, Annual Theme, LLLAB, Working Groups, Projects and Trainings. It was refreshing to hear that the current means of engagement are working well, offering plenty of opportunity for members to get involved. More opportunities for direct involvement in the initial stages of these activities was duly noted. 

A second aspiration of the GA was to build bridges among members and to create a space where they could recognise potential shared pursuits. To fulfill this aspiration, a series of roundtable discussions on a number of topics including health and wellbeing, inclusive education, mobility and sustainability etc took place. Members showcased their respective policy, advocacy and project efforts related to these topics which allowed them to draw parallels and conceive of new avenues of collaboration. 

Alongside deliberating on future prospects and current areas of engagement, the GA was tasked with the election of three Steering Committee representatives.  We are delighted to welcome both Raffaela Kihrer (EAEA), Marta Concepción Mederos (WOSM) and congratulate Monica Verzola (EVTA) on her re-election. At the same time, LLLP wishes to thank Susana Oliveira (EAEA) and Oonagh Aitken (Volonteurope) for their work and commitment towards the LLLPlatform. 

The GA affirmed the strength of LLLPs membership. It highlighted the collective willingness to inform, shape and improve our education and training systems from cradle to grave. It also delivered a moment to reflect on the mechanisms we deploy to carry out this very task. The next step is to put the learnings from the day into use.