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LLLP announces its 2023 General Assembly

For 2023, LLLP’s General Assembly will take place on Tuesday 27 June and Wednesday 28 June 2023 in the University of Girona, Spain. This year’s edition will be held back to back with the Lifelong Learning Lab. 

The annual General Assembly performs as one of the key moments in which members, the Secretariat and the Steering Committee can meet and collectively discuss the general direction and priorities of the organisation. 

As outlined in our statutes and internal rules, the rotation system entails that three members of the Steering Committee are due to end their mandate this year; the GA will thus be tasked with electing these new representatives. Given the current President will also see her mandate come to an end, the GA will also elect a new President! 

Alongside the election of new representatives, the GA will also offer members an opportunity to voice their opinion on how and in what ways LLLP might improve as a representative organisation. To this end, the GA will be called to discuss a number of strategic issues, and especially on a new advocacy strategy – which should enter into force next year. Other topics include the renewed EU education stakeholders forum, to take place in November.

The GA will also decide upon new membership applications. Interested in becoming a member? Check out how to apply.

If you require any further information on the GA and on administrative issues, do not hesitate to contact the LLLP at

LLLP General Assembly in 2022