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European elections: supporting our Manifesto “Building together the Future of Learning” is more important than ever

In the wake of the European elections where record abstaining and rise of extremism reflected political disengagement and social distress, it is more than ever important for MEPs that are about to take seat to commit on their vision of education for the next parliamentary term. We need a sustainable investment to ensure our education and training systems deliver better for economic development, social and civic participation, personal fulfilment and well-being. The European Parliament and civil society should further engage together in the future of learning. EUCIS-LLL Manifesto “Building together the Future of Learning” comprises 12 principles for lifelong learning that more than 30 candidates supported during the campaign. If you are a newly elected MEP and willing to support our manifesto contact us or click here. We also encourage educational stakeholders to keep on echoing our campaign and convince their new MEPs to take action to defend the Manifesto principles – already available in (EN) (FR) (DE) (NL) (PT) (PL) (TR) (IT) (CRO) (SER) (ES) (CAT) ((SW) (GR) (SV) (RO) to come!)