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EUCIS-LLL welcomes ESU, EADTU, ECNAIS and Volonteurope as new members!

EUCIS-LLL organised its General Assembly on 2 June in Brussels. Members greeted there three new EUCIS-LLL members: the European Students’ Union (ESU – representing, defending and strengthening students’ educational, democratic and political and social rights) and the European Council of National Associations of Independent Schools (ECNAIS – supporting and pursuing the values embedded in a democratic approach to pluralism in the national educational systems, and the respect of the parental choice) as full members and the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU – Europe’s leading institutional association for online, flexible and distance higher education) and Volonteurope (a volunteering, active citizenship and social justice network) as associate members. A warm welcome to the Platform that now counts 36 members!