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EUCIS-LLL policy debates on “Rethinking Education”: reports are out!

In Spring EUCIS-LLL organised two policy debates in the European Parliament echoing the 2012 release of the Commission’s Communication on “Rethinking Education”. The goal was to exchange views between various stakeholders and value some of our members’ good practices on key topics of the Communication. In May MEP Katarina Nevedalova (S&D) hosted the first event, named “Partnerships for LLL, an new idea?” and co-organised with the European Youth Forum (see the report). Participants notably discussed what sustainable coordination structures could mean to move towards concrete partnerships. In June MEP Heinz K. Becker (EPP) hosted the debate “Entrepreneurship skills: common understanding? Common expectations?”; one of the key messages was the need to agree and promote a broad understanding of the entrepreneurship competence. Read the full report.