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EUCIS-LLL participated in the “Lifelong Learning Hub” partner meeting, Lisbon, 2-4 October 2014

10675690_1536042569961621_5916938580814725793_nThe LLL-HUB is a project funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme coordinated by EUCIS-LLL that brings together 10 partners from Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey, Bulgaria, Belgium and Poland, representing public authorities, civil society organisations, chambers of commerce and educational institutions. During their 2nd partner meeting experts from Portugal shared their perspective on lifelong learning and stressed that in Portugal low-skilled citizens still represent a large proportion of the population. Governments have developed many tools such as VET offers and the validation RVCC system to face this challenge but encouraging learners to take up learning is still a challenge. Partners agreed on the need to look at the motivation to take up learning as a key element in their research phase; many citizens still do so see the added value of validation for example. The partners will now implement the LLL-Labs where they work with various actors in order to identify gaps between the EU frameworks in place and the reality on the ground: what are the concrete obstacles facing learners, educators and decision-makers alike in making lifelong learning a reality for all.