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EUCIS-LLL “LLL HUB” project moving forward

The Lifelong Learning Hub (LLL-HUB) is a LLP project (2013-2015) coordinated by EUCIS-LLL and engaging 10 partners. It aims to foster national and transnational public spaces for debates and mutual policy learning, involving the grassroots level in a genuine reflection with decision-makers on the design and implementation of coherent and comprehensive lifelong learning strategies. A research phase and a seminar will take place in partner countries on four specific themes related to lifelong learning, involving key LLL experts and policy-makers. They will be then invited to Brussels to gather for transnational policy learning and the elaboration of key political messages, in real bottom-up, democratic settings. The 1st online partner meeting took place on 17 June and the research phase (LLL Labs) was launched. Find soon more information on this great initiative on EUCIS-LLL website and the project website.