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EUCIS-LLL contribution to the public consultation on the Europe 2020 Strategy


The Europe 2020 strategy, launched in March 2010, for promoting smart, sustainable and inclusive growth is built around five headline targets in the areas of employment, research and development, climate and energy, education and the fight against poverty and social exclusion. The strategy also set out a series of action programmes, called “flagship initiatives”, in seven fields considered to be key drivers for growth, namely innovation, the digital economy, employment and youth, industrial policy, poverty and resource efficiency. The objectives of the strategy are also supported by action at EU level in areas such as the single market, the EU budget and the EU external agenda.

The Europe 2020 strategy is implemented and monitored in the context of the European Semester, the yearly cycle of coordination of economic and budgetary policies at EU level. The European Semester involves discussion among EU institutions on broad priorities, annual commitments by the Member States and country-specific recommendations prepared by the Commission and endorsed at the highest level by leaders in the European Council.

EUCIS-LLL participated the public consultation on the Europe 2020 Strategy by contributing and taking into account especially to the two headline targets of early-school leaving and tertiary attainment as well as the flagship initiatives on the Digital Agenda, Youth on the Move, the Agenda for New Skills and Jobs and the European Platform against poverty.

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