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EUCIS-LLL contribution to the European Area of Skills and Qualifications

Following the public consultation issued by the European Commission on a European Area of Skills and Qualifications, EUCIS-LLL has produced an input after having led a broad internal consultation within its membership. EUCIS-LLL highlighted all along its contribution that the essential priority to concretise a European Area of Skills and Qualifications is to achieve coherence in the terminology used to reach a true learning outcomes approach. For instance why do we speak of a “European Area of Skills and Qualifications” instead of a “European area of lifelong learning” as most of the initiatives under scrutiny have been developed under this overarching goal. EUCIS-LLL stressed the need for a more coherent political approach translated at implementation level by the creation of more bridges and complementarities between the various recognition and transparency tools. EUCIS-LLL wishes to underline that no coherence and comprehensiveness in policy-making or implementing measures can be achieved without a broad support of the education community as a whole.