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EUCIS-LLL contributes to the Commission’s consultation on a European area of skills and qualifications

The European Commission has launched a public consultation on a potential European area of skills and qualifications. EUCIS-LLL has submitted a complete contribution to the consultation along with a position paper (see our website). The Platform highlighted that the essential priority to  concretise  a  European  Area  of  Skills  and  Qualifications  is  to  achieve  coherence  in  the terminology used to reach a true learning outcomes approach, by sustaining the legacy of the 2006 European Key Competences Framework. EUCIS-LLL also insisted on the importance of consistency between the different recognition and transparency tools, of proper validation arrangements by 2018 (see also EUCIS-LLL task force on VNFIL) and of partnership approaches with stakeholders to deliver the vision. The Commission will hold a conference presenting the results of the consultation on 17 June in Brussels.