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EUCIS-LLL contributes to Commission Stakeholders’ consultation guidelines

Stakeholders’ consultations help to make EU law making more transparent, targeted and coherent. It is enshrined in the Treaties. Consultations – together with impact assessments, evaluations and expertise – are a key tool for transparent and informed policy making if properly taken into account. They help taking decisions that respect principles of proportionality and subsidiarity and that are based on evidence, practices and views of those affected by the policies and involved in their implementation. The Commission consults widely, at each stage of the policy cycle, respecting principles of openness and transparency and following minimum standards, which are generally acknowledged as appropriate and respond to international best practice. Over the last five years, stakeholders’ views were sought through more than 500 open consultations published on the ‘Your Voice in Europe’ website. The guidelines focus on consultations carried out in policy preparation of new policies, (funding) programmes, legislative proposals, and delegated and implementing acts. They also apply to consultations in the context of evaluations. They provide advice and support on all aspects of carrying out consultations from the definition of the consultation’s objectives to the evaluation of the consultation exercise. While these guidelines are intended for internal Commission use only, stakeholder inputs are an essential element in ensuring the quality of the final product. EUCIS-LLL has contributed to reply to the consultation on Stakeholders Consultation guidelines.