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EUCIS-LLL Annual Conference report on the ET2020 Review is now available!

EUCIS annual conference europe 2020 reportLast June EUCIS-LLL, together with Learning for Well Being Consortium, organised a conference to reflect on what we want to achieve by 2020 and how to do it. Namely, evidence shows that much more attention should be paid to addressing inequalities in education and training and that is why we need a renewed political will to make lifelong learning a reality in Europe. The event gathered more than 60 participants from around Europe, representing various sectors and actors of learning. After a dynamic introductory session to the policy framework, participants were invited to take part in small group discussions to formulate policy recommendations. This report is a summary of the discussions and presentations made. The results of the discussions were involved in the debate linked to the next cycle of ET2020 (2015-2017), the midterm review (2015-2020) and the Europe 2020 Review. See EUCIS-LLL position on the ET2020 Review.