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The EU and young people: take LLLP’s Survey

What do young people think of the EU? How much do they know about its structure and potential? What are their hopes for the future of Europe? These are some of the questions at the basis of the Study “Prejudices in schools. Youngsters and the EU: perceptions, knowledge and expectation”  implemented by three partner organisations: the Lifelong Learning Platform, OBESSU and JEF Europe on behalf of the European Economic and Social Committee.

The study is taking the form of a survey targeted at school students aged between 14 and 18 in European schools in Brussels and learners in 5 different countries enrolled in different types of schools (general, vocational, technical or artistic schools) in France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Romania. The survey is available here in French, German, Italian, Swedish and Romanian and will be open for responses until the 13th of March.

What can you do? You can help disseminate the survey to different schools, which can act as sounding board, or directly contact interested students. The results will be anonymous, in conformity with current GDPR norms, and will not be used in any way to grade or rank schools. The final results will be shared with the schools and local partners will be able to organise presentations of the outcomes. We hope to reach out to at least 1.000 learners in the selected countries in order to produce a comprehensive report which will be sent to the European Economic and Social Committee.

Take the survey here