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EU Alliance for Investing in Children – Statement on the ESF+ political agreement

The EU’s co-legislators reached an agreement on the European Social Fund Plus (ESF+) which for the first time, includes a specific objective and earmarking aimed at fighting child poverty through access to education and other services.
Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, 1 in 4 children across the EU was growing up at risk of poverty and social exclusion.  The pandemic and the socio-economic consequences that it has brought have already affected children and their families significantly. Child poverty levels are now likely to escalate, making it even more urgent to act on, preventing the impact of the crisis from growing further and mitigating its devastating effects on children’s lives, today and in the future.
As part of the EU Alliance for Investing in Children, the Lifelong Learning Platform contributed to a statement highlighting the next priorities for early childhood education and care in Europe.