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EPA “Supporting parents to become the best primary educators” conference // Prague, 24-25 April

pragueEuropean Parents Association (EPA) is organising its first conference of the 30th anniversary year, to take place in April in Prague. Supporting and training parents, more precisely two aspects of it, the substance of such training and the methods to involve as many parents as possible, are reoccurring topics which EPA decided to bring up at the Conference. Namely, parental involvement at school can help the parents and children alike, if managed carefully by professionals. EPA shares the view of many other experts and NGO’s that schools have to change to become community learning spaces, open 365 days, 6-22, that welcome all community members to learn together. In a rapidly changing world openness to learning and new things is crucial to achieve well-being for children and adults alike, and also to increase employability. You can find more information about the Conference and register for it on their website until 15 March.