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Education, Youth Citizenship and Democratic Participation survey – Co-Operation Youth Vote project  

LLLP, together with JEF, OBESSU and Young Educators, launched a survey on European elections aimed at young Europeans (aged between 14 and 25), aimed at enhancing their participation during the upcoming European Elections.

This initiative is part of the COYV project (“Co-operation Youth vote: Enabling future active European citizens”) which aims to offer a space for training in the preparation of the 2024 European Parliament election. 

The Education, Youth Citizenship and Democratic Participation survey will explore the different aspects of youth participation in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and in preparation of the 2024 European Parliament election campaigns. Through the answers collected, the aim is to understand the challenges of youth engagement and to develop an informal alliance of youth organisations that will work together on encouraging youth participation in democratic elections and make politicians accountable for their actions. 

The survey has been disseminated to all EU-countries with an estimated number of nearly 3000 respondents. The project consortium will analyse the results in order to create tools and practices during the capacity building trainings to raise young people’s awareness of the 2024 European elections and adapt them according to the needs and concerns expressed. 

For the analysis of the survey a comprehensive document will be designed in order to be useful for the following stages such as capacity building activities and focus groups that take place within the project. The output will be designed in a way that increases most its impact and will also be formatted in an easy-to-read version, as well as written in English with possibility of being translated in other languages to make it more accessible and inclusive for everyone. 

By 2024, the project is expected to have accomplished through the toolkits designed after the surveys, a series of training sessions for multipliers and a social media campaign raising throughout the whole process the awareness to young people on the importance of voting in European Parliamentary elections.

The survey, available at this link, is translated into all EU official languages.

Are you between 14 and 25 years old? This is the moment and space where you can express your thoughts and interests on the future of Europe!

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