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EAEA Letter to Commissioner Malmström; EAEA Workshop on Financing Adult Education // Mundo J (Brussels), 27 Feb 2015

EAEA newEAEA sent a letter to Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström in order to express its concerns about the inclusion of “private” adult learning and “other education services” as a subject for TTIP negotiations along with other public services. Among other things, EAEA calls for greater transparency and effective and meaningful consultation process with the stakeholders involved. EAEA also stands for education as public good and believes that it should be excluded from the TTIP negotiations. Furthermore, EAEA will organise a workshop on financing adult education on 27 February in Mundo J in Brussels. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss how adult education is financed in Europe and what the key challenges in financing adult education are. You can register for the event on their website until 18 February.