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Fostering entrepreneurial mindsets: EUCIS-LLL position and compendium of good practices

EUCIS-LLL organised on 18 June a policy debate on “Entrepreneurship skills: Common understanding? Common Expectations?” at the European Parliament, hosted by MEP Heinz K. Becker (EPP). EUCIS-LLL had already worked on this topic in the framework of a workshop held in May during its Annual Conference in Vilnius (report soon available). Participants of both events highlighted the need to better define the concept, approach and scope of entrepreneurship education as a condition for trust and collaboration between actors. EUCIS-LLL particularly stresses the need to have a broad understanding of the entrepreneurship competence as a set of transversal competences not only aimed at setting up a business. As a result of those reflections, EUCIS-LLL just released a position on “Fostering entrepreneurial mindsets”, illustrated by high-quality good practices from our members.