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COMANITY, a new programme for youth and social inclusion

For two years, the Lifelong Learning platform cooperated with 8 organisations (university, research centers, municipality, social cooperative, NGOs) from across the EU to develop a new inclusive programme for youth workers and young people, the COMANITY programme. As the European project is coming to its end and because it was such a great and successful programme, we want to give it a legacy. That’s why we are launching this call for interest and participation.  

What is it? 

The COMANITY programme is a unique blended programme for youth workers and volunteers working with disadvantaged young people (NEETS, at-risk behaviours, substance misuse, offenders, mental health difficulties, socio-economic barriers and others), and aims to enhance their competences in empowering young people in their community. 

See the project’s Brochure here for an overview of the project.

The COMANITY programme includes: a competence framework, which defines the skills that community animateurs must develop to fulfil at best their role, a training programme to learn about those competences, a self-assessment tool to assess these competences, an online knowledge space, the “COMANITY HUB” and participatory action-research methodologies to implement and evaluate the programme. 

What makes COMANITY different?

The programme is innovative at European level because it promotes a “community approach” to working with disadvantaged youth, by better understanding and connecting to the young person’s lifeworld. It engages young people directly in the activity in their own community using a participatory action-research approach.

See examples of participatory experiments here.

To whom?

The call addresses youth organisations mostly (professionals, youth workers, and volunteers) but it is also open to a wider range of stakeholders from social services, youth services, public authorities, other NGOs to companies with social mission.

How do you express your interest?

>>> Fill the following Google Form here and we will get back to you in a few weeks.

What do you commit to? 

It’s up to you! Based on your expression of interest, we will send you in few weeks the Toolkit “Ten steps to develop a COMANITY programme” and you are free to use it if you find it interesting.