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Cohesion policy: Commission replies to NGOs on the partnership principle

EUCIS-LLL has been closely following up on the elaboration of the new European Social Fund and cohesion policy 2014-2020 where education, training and lifelong learning are among the main thematic objectives. The Platform had contributed more than a year ago to a joint letter from civil society to strongly support the partnership and multi-governance principles that involve stakeholders in the design, implementation and evaluation of EU structural and investment funds. Together with those NGOs, EUCIS-LLL had sent last March to the European Commission a newsletter calling it to hold Member States accountable for their commitment. The Commission renewed this month its strong support to stakeholders’ involvement which was discussed in ESF Committee in June. The Commission also plans to set up a European Community of Practice on Partnership to facilitate peer-learning and capacity-building. Read the full reply and other EUCIS-LLL related actions.