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CHOICE Project – Support the reform of the school curricula on STE(A)M education

LLLP is a partner in CHOICE, a European-funded project aimed at promoting and improving STEM education in schools. 

Through this project, students and teachers co-developed innovative Open Educational Resources (OERs).

All OERs are collected in a MOOC – Massive Open Online Course providing teachers with materials and instructions enabling them to teach STEM using a STE(A)M approach.

The key objectives of the project include on the one hand the promotion of the coordination and collaboration among education institutions, business, local authorities as key stakeholders able to support the reform of STEM curricula at school, turning them into multipliers supporting critical career choice of students. On the other hand: to promote innovative STE(A)M approaches to STEM education entailing a systemic impact on education systems and to influence policy change at school at local, regional and national levels. This is where the work of the Lifelong Learning Platform will be focused!

To achieve this very ambitious goal, the CHOICE project partners are running focus groups (stakeholder roundtables), with school leaders, teachers and students, but also civil society, public authorities, academia and business representatives to collect best practices, lessons learned, new solutions and innovative approaches on the implementation of STE(A)M education practices in schools. Participants in the focus groups will discuss the situation of STEM education in their regions and countries (and in the case of the stakeholder roundtables organised by LLLP, at European level as well) as to prepare policy recommendations directed towards their policy makers at local, regional, national and EU levels. 

Policy-makers will be able to build on the project action and approach to enhance the impact and effectiveness of existing policy initiatives related to STEM education, and will be empowered by providing their insights for the design of policy recommendations able to be multiplied to other systems.

To express your interest in attending the focus groups organised by LLLP, please fill in this form.

Do not hesitate to forward this invitation to your colleagues and members working on the topic.

LLLP is coordinating the stakeholder round-tables and will analyse, compare and unite the policy recommendations collected by each partner in a comprehensive e-publication. 

The policy recommendation will be presented during the project’s final conference which will take place on Wednesday 30 November 2022 from 3 PM in Brussels, aiming at generating impact on policy makers at European level.