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Added value of EUCIS-LLL membership brochure


The number of EUCIS-LLL members has steadily grown throughout the years, from the initial six members in 2005 to 36 members this year, on the 10th anniversary, representing more than 50 000 educational institutions and associations. EUCIS-LLL is building the future of learning in Europe together with its members and offers them a range of benefits. Among other things, EUCIS-LLL is enabling exchanges of practices and expertise between its members, giving a voice to their concerns, promoting a more democratic, civic and social Europe, offering updated information on key issues in the field of education and training in Europe and offering peer learning and capacity building activities. You can find out more about these and other advantages of being a EUCIS-LLL member in this new informational leaflet. For more information about the platform and the application procedure, please do not hesitate to contact EUCIS-LLL Secretariat at