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A new lifelong learning glossary: take the survey to redesign education

We are happy to announce that the Lifelong Learning Platform, with the support of external experts from UIL UNESCO, EESC, Cedefop and the European Commission, has launched a new project to redesign the concept of lifelong learning! This project aims to create a true Lifelong Learning Glossary, that will collect agreed definitions, words, abbreviations or acronyms giving the term and its full name, or its contextual meaning. While many definitions of key terms exist, we feel that most of them have not kept pace with the extraordinary revolutions that education and learning are undertaking.

Because of this, we are gathering information from organisations and institutions as well as individuals working in education and training about different terminologies and definitions used in the field. We would like to know the needs and the best ideas from stakeholders, to better understand the main issues regarding terminology

Through this survey, LLLP aims to have a better overview of which terms might be problematic for end-users due to several factors such as national context, different understandings of the word, etc. Please find the survey here and provide your answers by 30 June: this will help us lay the foundation for a better understanding of education and lifelong learning.