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2nd European Citizens Summit legitimises an alternative Europe

rukeAt the 2nd European Citizens Summit on 24 September 2014, EUCIS-LLL and the other members of the EU Civil Society Contact Group (CSCG) sent together a clear message that the EU should change its current model based on economic growth seen as an “obsession” and replace it by a model based on human rights, justice and democracy. “Economic growth cannot be the sole driver of the new Europe that we were promised in the European elections. The hardship endured by many over the last years has prompted the need to discuss an alternative vision of Europe; a new approach that puts people’s interests and well-being first, and not as an afterthought of financial markets”, said Emma Woodford, the spokesperson of the CSCG. EUCIS-LLL co-organised a workshop on Power and Democracy showcasing Jean Rossiaud, sociologist and political specialist on global citizenship, Ragnar Weilandt introducing the European Citizens Initiative on Investing in Education, and Boglarka Bata, a Hungarian activist. The European Citizens Summit is an annual conference organised by the EU Civil Society Contact Group, aiming to envision a Europe for and from citizens.